April News!

Hey my quilty friends! Welcome to my first official blog post!  It has only taken me about 6 years to write it! Hahaha!  I don’t know about all of you, but most of the time I am overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done vs what I want to do & sadly, what needs to be done tends to win...now I am not saying I don’t need to write a blog post but there are 10 000 other things in a day that seem to have more priority!  But today, I am putting this first as its about time!

I am going to do my best to keep my blog posts short as who has time anymore to read lengthy articles.  Lets face it...we like looking at pictures instead!  But sometimes, there may be a need to rant or explain something...so the reason why I am taking the time today to write my first blog post is because the newsletter subscriber service I was using has decided to cut ties with the host I use for my website & guess what...it’s for the better!  The new newsletter service I am using is WAY better that what I was using before.  I am not going to bash the other company but I will praise Seguno as the switch has been painless & the options they offer are amazing!  I am no computer programmer so I needed something that was easy for me to figure out how to use & they have come to the rescue!  But what does writing a blog post have anything to do with a newsletter service???  Well, if I can figure out how to migrate my contacts over to the new service, I can figure out how to set up a blog on my website & write my first post...I am on FIRE with learning right now!!  Now I just need to figure out how to have those cute emojis on my iPad keyboard-lol!!

Anyways, on to more important details.  If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you received a discount code in my latest newsletter.  If you are not subscribed...why the heck not??  Mosy on over to my website homepage, www.quitingstitches.com & scroll to the bottom to sign up & you will have some goodies show up in your inbox ;-) My current  promotion ends May 14th so don’t delay in signing up!

In other news, I am busy getting ready for the bi-annual Ottawa Valley Quilt Show held May 10th to 12th.  It’s in a new location this year, 50 Capilano Drive Nepean so I hope to see you there!  I am also preparing for my first trunk show in May at my own guild, Upper Canada Quilt Guild...yikes!  I am not nervous to speak in front of people as I do it weekly at my part time job, but somehow this feels different...say a little prayer for me will ya...better yet, make it a big prayer that I don’t trip & fall too-lol!

I hope you are all following me on Instagram where you can see my latest quilting projects.  I just finished a beautiful ice dyed piece that is ready for binding, I just need to make the binding!  As I type this, my husband is working hard in the basement setting up our “new to us” dying sink station.  We inherited a stainless steel 3 sink unit that is perfect for dying as it won’t stain so he is setting up the plumbing so we actually have running hot & cold water to it...we have only been ice dying for 5 years now & have been going to do this ever since we started...better late than never right?!  So stayed tuned on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest to see the finished product!  And I don’t like to waste time so I have my next quilt top loaded on the frame & have started quilting on it too...need to have it done in 3 weeks & its custom quilted...90x90...ambitious??  Yes...crazy??  Absolutely!!  Wish me luck on all my adventures please!!

Thanks for catching up with me, chat with you all sewn!  And who knows what special I have have in store for you in May...be sure to come back to find out!