My first attempts at long arming...

I thought I would share one of my first attempts at free motion quilting on my #gammill longarm...unfortunately I don’t recall the date but I do remember that it was February of 2013 when I purchased my longarm. That being said, I was a bit intimidated at the start so I didn’t really touch it much until after my trip to Texas that fall when I took my very first longarm training course with Linda V Taylor. She made me believe that this was something I could do & I thank her for putting that message in my mind & heart!

Now I had experimented with other versions of freemotion quilting before this; first on my domestic which was not successful & then on a mid arm which was even more unsuccessful so it wasn’t until I had my Gammill that I saw the potential. There are many longarm machines out there & I have “played” on them all but Gammill is my favourite ❤️

I also thought I should introduce myself~my name is Shelley (Gibson) Byers. In order of appearance, I am a daughter, sister, niece, friend, wife, mother (of fur babies), aunt, great aunt (does that mean I’m old too?) & also adopted daughter, sister & aunt (absolutely love my American families!). Not only do I have all those roles in life, along with being a longarm quilter, I am also a healthcare worker which lately has absorbed a lot of my time, but I love that job too!


So there you have it, me in a nutshell! Thanks for stopping by today 😊